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Interior of Pharmacy

ORTIS labs is a 58 years old collaboration dealing in modern medicines. These medicines are manufactured by certified manufacturers according to the specification prescribed by WHO-GMP rules.Periodic training has been imparted to the entire staff to maintain the quality of the medicines. Efforts and attempts has given recognition to the manufacturers of Ortis labs world over.

The standardization of the medicines has promoted the sales of these medicines immensely. ORTIS labs medicines are in profound demand.The manufacturers with age old experiences have manufactured medicines for ORTIS labs at par with the other companies manufacturing branded medicines.By the continuous efforts we are able to promote sales of such medicines which has changed the life of the common man.

Our promoters with an experience of over 20 years in this arena have maintained the International Standards of our product, its brand and packing facilities as well.Hence we  agree to promote import-export sales of these branded medicines in most of the neighbouring countries.

It is our endeavor to be recognized as one of the ‘Premium Quality Dealer’ of the world. Hence at Ortis Labs, ‘Quality Assurance’ is not a ritual but a way of life.

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